Jennifer Ann Ceremonial Concert & Cacao

We are very pleased to welcome Jennifer Ann at the beautiful space Het Stadsparadijs in Haarlem!

Jennifer Ann is an amazing Singer/Songwriter from Holland/USA with her roots in mantra and medicine music. She travels around the world to lead ceremonies in her unique way. Her voice is soulful and warm and her fans describe it as a mothers embrace.

On March 27th 2020 she will open the concert with an intimate cacao ceremony that will bring you into the sacred space of the heart. It is a beautiful way to start this magical evening. Jennifer will take you on a heart-opening musical journey that will touch your soul deeply. A feeling of coming home to yourself and to the tribe of many colours.

Experience ~ Enjoy ~ Sing ~ Dance
Sit ~ Move~ Feel ~ Embody
Celebrate Life & Love!


4th of September 2020
20:00 - 22:00
Het Stadsparadijs
Begijnhof 10
2011 HE Haarlem


Tickets 25,00 euro

Tickets include 2,49 bank and service costs.

More Info:

About the Cacao

Ceremonial cacao was traditionally used by the Ancient Mayan Shamans in a ceremony to travel between the worlds, to travel beyond the veil. To do this, the shamans infused their cacao with spirit, giving the ceremonial cacao a spiritual dimension not found in other cacao sources. Ceremonial cacao is, therefore, an ancient plant medicine, a wisdom keeper, a teacher, and a facilitator. Ceremonial cacao leads you to the door to the heart, to the spiritual dimension, but it does not push you through like other plant medicines – such as those found in the Amazon forest. Ceremonial cacao invites you on a journey, to travel with the chocolate spirit through the veil in a safe an gentle way

About Jennifer Ann:

Jennifer Ann is a Meditative Singer Song Writer from Holland/USA with her roots in mantra and medicine music. Her voice is soulful and warm and her fans describe it as a mothers embrace.

With her search for the medicine and healing powers within music. She follows the traditions of mantra chanting and tribal ceremonial music. This is the groundwork for her original songs that she is now birthing into the world. These new songs are a fusion of tribal music and folk/singer-songwriter blended together as prayers for a better world. She works with her band: "Tribe of Many Colors" who join her when possible.

In 2014 Jennifer Ann released her first album, which was received well in Holland and reviewed by the Dutch Yoga Magazine. Her second album in 2015 was already shifting towards writing original songs. In that same year, she was invited to speak about how “Music = Medicine” at Tedx Friesland (The Netherlands) that year she also finished her music degree from the University of Groningen (The Netherlands).

In 2018 she has released her latest album Urban Shamanism. Two songs of this album have won a "Peace Song Award" in the USA. In the jury of the Peace Song Awards, are o.a Steward Copeland of “The Police” and Peter Yarrow of “ Peter, Paul & Mary”. More info:

She is currently travelling worldwide sharing her musical gift, together with ceremony, retreat and other healing work. In the past three summers of 2017-2019, she has toured throughout Europe, sharing at festivals, retreats, ceremonies and workshops. Her mission is to help people return to the core centre of their being, with calmness, strength and connection to life. She uses her music to connect communities, teach sacred ways and sustain a healthy lifestyle. She believes we are made to thrive! And we do this best together as the tribe of many colours!


  • HeartFire
  • 4 september 2020
  • Begijnhof 10, 2011 HE  Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NEDERLAND
  • € 25,00
  • Events, Kunst en cultuur, Muziek



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