The imperative of change - webinar (in English)

The imperative of change - Towards a sane and just world.
A perspective in light of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.

This edition: Lessons from a divided world - and the way forward

Online panel discussion in English

Saturday 13 March 2021, 19.00 CET

McNair Ezzard (USA) in conversation with Shereen Abdel-Hadi Tayles (Canada), Felicity Eliot (Netherlands/UK) and Luc Guillory (France)

• What are the reasons for Covid?
• Austerity and competition's role in addressing poverty, education and healthcare inequality.
• Are answers to be found in a new approach to the global economic system?
• What lessons can be learned?

The whole world is dealing with multiple crises but we're not united in our efforts to address them. Share International is convinced there are solutions to the world’s major problems.

Join our panellists as they explore these issues from a background of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. This ancient tradition was brought up to date by Benjamin Creme (1922-2016) with information about the emergence into the centre of global affairs of Maitreya the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom.

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  • 13 maart 2021
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