Open Satsang with Ayura - live and online!

You are invited to attend Marc ‘Ayura’ Steinberg’s first Open Satsang on Monday 2nd August 2021!

This is an inspiring opportunity to meet a man who is devoted to the expansion of consciousness, empowerment of humanity and spiritual awakening of the collective.

The theme of this Satsang is:
​Spiritual Crisis Management - Mastering the Challenge of Change

It is Ayura’s life work to support you in your journey of awakening. He will inspire you to align with your Higher Self, deepening your understanding of life and the powerful path that you are on. What if life is a journey where we realise that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and not the other way around?

The outside-in approach is where clarity is created through the dissolution of self-imposed limiting beliefs, beliefs that prevent you from recognising who you actually are. It is Ayura's specialty to expose the not-self and reveal the real YOU.

Our Satsang will speak directly to the revelation of your already complete Self. The intention is to support you in clearly seeing your being, and aligning you with your natural wholeness. Ayura has experienced an extensive and expansive spiritual journey, and by being in his presence you will already feel reminded of something far greater than the person, the identity, the ego... perhaps you can already sense it.

Join us for a beautiful program starting with a welcoming sound-bath and a special introduction. The Satsang itself is where Ayura will attentively nurture the expansion of your awareness, pointing you towards the perfection of your true Self, followed by a unique opportunity to ask any questions. Afterwards, we will dive into a guided meditation where you will experience how to navigate through your own inner landscapes.

It is through recognition of yourself as consciousness, awareness, presence that you will set yourself free.

Join the journey into liberation, self-knowledge and enlightenment!

Ticket sales at: www.marcsteinberg.com/satsang

Live Program (CEST)
17:00 ~ Doors Open
17:30 ~ Sound bath with Quartz Crystal Bowls
18:00 ~ Satsang Starts
19:15 ~ Q&A
19:45 ~ Break
20:00 ~ Guided meditation
20:30 ~ Closure

Location: (limited to 30 seats only)
2e industrieweg 12, 3411 ME, Lopik, The Netherlands

Online participation: the live stream will begin at 17:30 with the Sound Bath and will end at 20:30 after the meditation. You will receive the streaming link one hour up front.

Ticket Options:
€35 - 1x Online Live Stream
€50 - 2x Online Live Stream
€70 - 1x In-person attendance
€120 - 2x In-person attendance

Interested in a preview of a Satsang with Ayura?
Go to: www.marcsteinberg.com/satsang

We look forward to your presence, in-person and online!

About Ayura:
Marc 'Ayura' Steinberg has encountered many teachers in his life. As his living spiritual master teachers he chose Jiddu Krishnamurti, who he studied with from 1983-1986, and Osho, who he met in Pone in 1989, Swami Samatananda of the Kashmir Shaivism lineage and Werner Erhard.

Being in the direct presence of these great teachers converted Ayura’s spiritual knowledge into first-hand experiences of enlightened states of consciousness. Ayura says that the live connection between the student and the teacher transmits an energy that can transcend the mind entirely.

The only prerequisite is unconditional openness... how open are you?


  • One Heart Circle
  • 2 augustus 2021
  • 2E Industrieweg 12, 3411ME  Lopik, Utrecht, NEDERLAND
  • € 35,00
  • marindemarindehendrikse.com
  • Satsang, Meditatie, Spirituele groei



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