Light Language level 1

Have you ever heard about light language?

Light language is the use of colours and geometry.

How do colours and geometry become a language?
As my voice is a language that uses sound which is a frequency, light is also a frequency, that you can see and that you can feel under the sun. Perhaps we could also hear it one day..
But colours and geometry are basically every where. Even in your dreams or when you imagine. Reality has a form and a colour. And by colour I also incorporate black and white and beyond the visible spectrum.
So this gives us an idea that something can be communicated. Light can transfer information.

Are we, as humans, able to decipher and understand light?
We know today that matter is condensed kinetic light, which means that it is light that has been slowed down. So light is fast and matter is slow. Therefore light language is a language that goes much faster than those we are used to. But it still works like any language: You know something which you convey.
The difference is that light language is at the same level of speed than our intuition. An intuitive way of communicating you could say. Therefore doing less will be more.

How should I know and understand what has been communicated through light language?
As we are beings of light, I want to invite you to come to my class and discover how the subtlety of light language feels. Because like any language, they convey a feeling, a wisdom, a knowingness..

Why should I learn Light language?
The purpose of using Light Language is to have an in-depth understanding of how thought and concept affect our reality - Starr Fuentes
Colors play an important role in the way we navigate through our day to day reality. As in a stop light, one colour gives you the signal to go, as another gives you the signal to stop. We react to colours emotionally, physically and mentally. They speak through our subconscious and collective consciousness. Much is the same in the way we use colours for light language. There are colours that generate momentum and others, that slow us down in our purpose/path. When we learn how to recognise the frequency and use them, we can create a state of appropriate healing processes and new growth, such as choosing the right food/nourishment.

If you feel inspired and/or interested to join the class, Contact me on my website: bloominfinity.com/contact

The beginner class offers the possibility to:

✨ Receive ancient wisdom transmitted by the Curanderos(shamans) from Mexico
✨ Discover the know-how and the knowledge of colours
✨ Learn how to shape your dreams and understand how they take form
✨ Develop and expand your awareness to a reality which is more profound
✨ Refine your growth process and align with your life purpose
✨ Realise what are your inner geometries and those of your surroundings
✨ Gain inner sovereignty

13&14 October from 10:00-13:00 In Commovendo; Deventer, Holland
22/23/24 October TBA in Amsterdam
Price: € 135.- (€110.- for students)
Language: English

Join my class to find out the mystic teachings of an ancient shamanistic tribe.
And feel lightened up! ⚡️⚡️
You can contact me on my website: bloominfinity.com/contact


  • Bloom Infinity
  • 13 oktober 2021 t/m 14 oktober 2021
  • Bergschild 14, 7411 EM  Deventer, Overijssel, NEDERLAND
  • € 130,00
  • 0651094547
  • A.Cyr.Bezuijengmail.com
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