Ecstatic Dance @Temple of Happiness, Esta Polyesta

Ecstatic Dance - EVERY FRIDAY EVENING @ The Temple of Happiness in Amsterdam!

- Friday, June 24th - Ecstatic Dance with Esta Polyesta @ The Temple of Happiness!

Welcome @ The Temple of Happiness!
You will find our beautiful location in Amsterdam New-West (Slotervaart), which is pretty close to station Lelylaan (10 min. walk).
The Temple of Happiness is a safe and sacred space where we invite you to dive deep and fly high during a bare foot Ecstatic Dance.
We will welcome you wholeheartedly in a warm, cozy and artistic ambience where our dance tribe gathers every Friday evening of the week. We do so without talking, dance on our bare beet (socks and special dancing shoes are also welcome) and free of intoxicating substances (like alcohol or other drugs).
Our Ecstatic Dance editions will be guided by a special Ecstatic Dance DJ, who will guide you on an amazing adventure of sonic soundscapes, buzzing beats and basslines of all kinds of sorts and varieties. So, expect the unexpected, which is part of the beauty and magic of Ecstatic Dance.

Program on Fridays:
19:30 Doors Open.
20:00 Opening ceremony with a warming up, breath practice, focusing on intentions for the dance or whatever else comes through and feels appropriate.
20:30-22:30 Ecstatic Dance DJ-set by one of our resident DJ's or special guests.
22:30 Connective Closing Ceremony.
22:45 - 23:15 Yummy finger food potluck, healing space & delicious relaxing music.

After the dance there will be plenty of time to connect and chat with all the other participants, while we will do our best to spoil you with all kinds of delicious snacks and treats.

All our events are including:
* Fresh ginger tea, mint water & healthy (mainly organic) treats.
* A magnificent powerful sound system.
* A perfect dancefloor for dancing and groundwork.
* A warm, cozy and beautiful temple space, with great energy
* An extra lounge to chill and/or receive a massage or healing.
* Dance hammock, massage chair available.
* Free parking at the door (after 19:00)
* Massage on request is possible (prices depend on the massage therapist and are often negotiable)
* There is a massage chair available.

- In case you're interested to become a member of the Temple of Happiness, you can click on the link below and chose a donation amount that suits your wallet: www.chipta.com/nl/tickets/event/37321/lidmaatschapmembership-temple-of-happiness/event-info/
* And yes! We welcome volunteers @ our Temple, who pay only 5 euros per ticket. Please send your request to natascha.frid@protonmail.com

Esta Polyesta:

Recently someone asked if I know a DJ who plays Esta’s style…. no! She is unique, I wrote him back. Her style is a mix of world music, ethno house, global beat, psytrance, and different vibes to feel good. There is no other DJ and artist like her, with her female power, she puts your both feet on the ground, let your roots grow into the earth, while you are as light as the wind and your heart sparkles…
I can’t explain in words, you have to experience her Ecstatic Dance journeys in your own body… She creates ED tribes and dances all over the world and plays at a lot of festivals on this planet. Her favorite spot is Goa, India..

To give you a glimpse of her amazing empowering energy, watch this interview in which she explains Ecstatic Dance. She reconnects us with the ancient meaning of the word Ecstatic that will invite us to discover a different perspective in our own dance….


  • Temple of Happiness
  • 24 juni 2022
  • Hendrik Van Wijnstraat 10, 1065 AS  Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NEDERLAND
  • € 20,00
  • 06-13795437
  • centrumvoorhappinessgmail.com
  • Dans, Meditatie, Tantra



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