Human Design Immersion

To anyone interested in Human Design, de-conditioning, embodying and living their full and free Self:

You are invited to attend our wonderful Human Design Immersion that will take place in the Netherlands this June. An Immersion is a multi-day awakening program that holds the opportunity to experience what it is to be you with the totality of your being. Feeling it with your body, witnessing it with your awareness.

Being at an Immersion invites you to fully let go of who you are not and to sink into your design. There will be a daily workshop during which you consciously get to experience your Human Design mechanics in relation to your environment (other people). Above all, it offers you the chance to experience how it is to fully surrender to your design, to navigate, act and communicate in line with your nature with others through the days.

Koen Hillewaert will be mentoring the Immersion. Koen is a 5/1 Projector with over more than 10 years experience of living his design. He is known for his practical approach and penetrating wisdom. He has supported and empowered hundreds of people in their Human Design experiments, both in the online Projector's community as through the Human Design readings he offers.

Koen will be assisted by Laura da Represa, a 5/1 Manifesting Generator and Human Design Analyst who has been living her design for 7+ years.

The Immersion will take place at the Uelenspieghel in Drenthe, a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by nature. There are only a few available beds left in the farmhouse, but there is plenty of camping space.

€500,- excluding meal-package and lodging. Tea, coffee and snacks are included during the workshops.

More information: your-mechanics.com/

E-mail: info@coloredbythestars.com


  • Colored by the stars
  • 26 juni 2023 t/m 29 juni 2023
  • Winkelsteeg 5, 7975 PV  Uffelte, Drenthe, NEDERLAND
  • € 500,00
  • 06 29421492
  • infocoloredbythestars.com
  • Human design, Retraite , Transformatie



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