Wild Ecstatic Dance | Cacao | Playground | Hot tub

Wild Ecstatic is dansen op je blote voeten: Wild, lijfelijk, diep, sensueel, rauw, oer, teder, verlegen, speels en levendig.


18:00 Welcome, door open
18:30 Potluck dinner, bring something yummy to share
19:30 Sacred Cacao ceremony
19:45 Live concert with new songs from Tobias Bader and Ute Apfelstedt
21:00 Wild Ecstatic Dance Journey with DJ Viktor Valjavec
22:00 Lounge open & hot tub
00:00 After Beats by D Jivanmukta
01:00 Closing circle & cleaning up together

Wild Ecstatic: Conscious Sensual Dance party with Ecstatic Dance Journey, DJ Viktor Valjavec , Sacred Cacao (short beautiful intention ceremony), LIVE CONCERT with Tobias Bader and Ute Apfelstedt. From 22:00 on: sweet temple lounge, hot tub and lots of delicious treats…

Wild ecstatic Dance Journey:

What is Wild Ecstatic?

Lots of people know already Ecstatic dance. We love it! And we actually did play a few hundred Ecstatice Dances in the past years. And than we discovered Wild Ecstatic Dance on this planet….It is a fusion of Ecstatic Dance en Tantra. it welcomes the full spectrum of your sensations: wild, deeply embodied, sensual, raw, primal, tender, shy, playful and vibrant…….

Our dancefloor is playful, sensuous (consious sensuality), juicy, because we know how to celebrate life and we are not afraid to reach for that and share this in the dance.. we know we are free any moment to walk (dance) our own path again…

In our temple you will find a safe space with a good energy, connectivity, dancing and meeting from the heart, a beautiful warming up, a great LONG dancejourney which does NOT end in a silence and goodbye ceremony, but it tranforms into a party journey after a while and we dance whole night (till 1.00)… In the corners (or in the lounge if its busy) we create some great spaces with cushions, mats to rest or to meet eachother in a cuddle puddle! And in the garden is a hot tub. The Temple of Happiness is a place where you can charge yourself with lots of loving vibes, playfulness and awakening the senses. Enjoy, welcome on this great event and feel free to ask about it. Or maybe you want to join our team of volunteers who is looking for new people to do some spaceholding, feel free to connect Janine (Jivanmukta): 061395436, centrumvoorhappiness@gmail.com.

About the evening:

Its more than only one dance journey. Because we start with potluck (bring your own yummy favourite food),a live concert, a cacao meditation and a long long journey of Wild Ecstatic dance. And there is more: we spoil you with our drinks and treats and halfway the event we open the beautiful cuddle lounge and the hot tub in the garden for you. If the wheather is good we make a fire to sit around or to melt your marhmellows… mmmmm…

About the artists:

We are very proud because we have two primeurs for you:

1. we have a NEW DJ: VIKTOR VALJAVEC and he is really promising.. this guy is a miracle.. he does not only play very well (a well known DJ in the famous Woodstock beach club in Bloemendaal) he is creative, plays more instruments and above he is a really nice guy. Besides that he is working on an off the grid project in Portugal and is learning everything to make this a success..

2. New songs from Tobias Bader (Guitar/singer songwriter). He will be accompanied by singer/songwriter Ute Apfelstet on violin! We are happy to have them back! Tobias Bader and Ute Passionflower write fantastic, imaginative, inspiring, unusual, melodic and catchy songs in various styles, from cosmic country and vintage pop to spiritual disco. Guitar, violin and vocal harmonies combine beautifully in their acoustic Duo or band.

Before Tobias played as guitarist for Ute’s band Passion Flower. Now their paths crossed again, when Tobias asked her to join him as a singer and violinist in his own project. They have started to write songs together after playing together for quite some time.

Wild Ecstatic Party: what are the extra’s ?

* All drinks: Fresh ginger tea, mint water, alcoholfree drinks & delicious healthy (mainly organic) treats are free
* A magnificent powerful sound system.
* A perfect dance floor for dancing and groundwork.
* A warm, cozy and beautiful temple space, with great energy
* An extra lounge to chill, to play singing bowls/music together or for massage or healing
* A beautiful private patio
* Dance hammock
* Free parking close to Temple (after 19:00) and enough parking lots..

And we have some awesome extra’s for you during this special night, which are:
– Potluck dinner
– Cacao ceremony and a sensual dance warming up for a hot experience in your energy levels
– Hot Tub on the patio
– sometimes a Cold Tub as well
– Outdoor bonfire

Address: Hendrik van Wijnstraat 10, Amsterdam New-West (near train station Lelylaan), please use the backdoor of the building.


  • Temple of Happiness
  • 23 september 2023 t/m 24 september 2023
  • Hendrik Van Wijnstraat 10, 1065 AS  Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NEDERLAND
  • € 25,00
  • 06-13795437
  • Janinetempleofhappiness.nl
  • Events, verbinden, Tantra



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