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Bliss-mas Pyjamas Party | The O'Berlie & Stefano

Speciale aanbieding

Leden krijgen 5 euro korting, wordt nu lid: https://www.chipta.com/tickets/event/66759/membership-temple-of-happiness-till-31-december-2024/ (donatie 25 euro voor heel 2024)


This night is Pyjama party, dance in your favorite pyjama your socks off!

Bliss-mas party program,.......
* 18:00, We make for your: "Boerenkool met (vegan) worst", it is potluck! So please bring your own dishes to share..
* 19:15 (Alcoholfree) Gluhwein ceremony with mantra singing by Natascha and Daantje...with Bliss-mas present exchange (bring your own nice gifts for an exchange game with all the visitors)
* 19:45 LIVE Mantra concert by Sulah! Singer/songwriter..You are invited to bring your own music instrument, she will like that!
* 20:30 Wild Ecstatic Dance Journey (1,5 hours) with Dj The O'Berlie
* 22:15 Pyjama Party Dance festival with conscious blubbing set by Dj Stefano!
* 01:00 Closing ritual and cleaning up together

All in price, members will have 5 euro discount, become member for 2024 for only 25 euro: www.chipta.com/tickets/event/66759/membership-temple-of-happiness-till-31-december-2024/

More Info about these events see: www.centrumvoorhappiness.nl/project/wild-ecstatic-dance-journey/

Great if you volunteer, please register: nataschafrid@protonmail.com, phone: 06 40343733 and buy your volunteer ticket after confirmation.

About the evening:
We welcome you in our beautiful Temple space with a great dancefloor and soundsystem and a high vibrant energy. Tonight is more than a dance journey. We start with potluck (bring your own yummy favourite food), warm you up with a playful gifts exchange game and an (alcoholfree) Glühwein ceremony. Than you will fly on the dancefloor like a Dakini during the Dance journey of Wild Ecstatic ( no talking) and during the Pyja,mas party set ( talking allowed)
We will spoil you with our drinks and treats and there are warm nice places to connect and chill. It is a family friendly event so broing your childeren 12+ if you like. (no hot tub today)
Connect yourself with your playful, raw divine energy, we invite you to express yourself in your beautiful gorgeous outfits ..

Address: Temple of Happiness, Hendrik van Wijnstraat 10, Amsterdam New-West (near station Lelylaan), Please use the backdoor of the building.
tickets: www.centrumvoorhappiness.nl/chipta/


  • Temple of Happiness
  • 23 december 2023
  • Hendrik Van Wijnstraat 10, Ingang Backdoors, 1065 AS  Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NEDERLAND
  • € 30,00
  • 06-13795437
  • centrumvoorhappinessgmail.com
  • Events, Cacaoceremonie, Dans



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De Temple of Happiness (centrum voor Happiness) is een plek, waar allerlei teachers Yoga, meditatie en conscious dans geven. De plek heeft de energie van een tempel, doordat hij telkens opnieuw wordt opgeladen door alle mooie mensen die hier het leven vieren.


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