HeartFire organizes concerts and events that inspire and touch the heart. A co-creation from Daniëlle Doeve & Jeroen van Kemenade

With our HeartFire concerts we love to ignite and empower the element of music in people’s life. To us music created from the heart is a healer, a transformer, a bringer of joy, a connector and a catalyst for change. It connects you with the higher frequencies of love and aligns you with the path of your beating heart.

The singing, the dancing, being in a place of silence together, the deep listening. So much needed in this time of transition. The heart’s fire is contagious!

Website: heartfire.nl
Ticketpage: www.eventbrite.nl/cc/heartfire-236679
Facebook: www.facebook.com/heartfireNL
Instagram: www.instagram.com/heartfirenl/
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